This page includes a variety of PowerPoint presentations and resource sheets drawn from presentations to students, teachers, and the public. The content is predominantly directed at a high school to early undergraduate audience, but could be adapted for other experience levels. I hope you find it useful! 


The Epic History of Human Skin Color

Skin color is one of the most conspicuous ways that humans vary. Human skin color is determined by the genes we inherit from our ancestors. In fact, the entire history of human evolution has shaped and been shaped by skin pigmentation.

Epigenetics: How Environment Gets in Your Genes

This presentation on the basics of epigenetics - chemical modification that don't alter DNA sequence - is aimed at an advanced high-school audience.

Evolutionary Medicine

Theodosius Dobzhansky said “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” In this intro to evolutionary medicine, aimed at an early college audience, we examine how evolution influence our understanding of medicine.

Soft Skills for Research

Jobs in STEM require more than the science and math know-how. This presentation - part of SAWorks high school student job shadow day - focuses on jobs in research and the soft skills needed to succeed.


Rigor and Reproducibility

Ensuring rigor and reproducibility of science is fundamental to quality research. This graduate lecture discusses innate biases and challenges related to conducting appropriate statistical analyses.